Friday Things

Between work, travel, and travel for work, I’ve been slacking on Friday Things. That ends now!

A really cool piece on Originalism in the time of Trump, Scalia, and Gorusch.

There is literally no good reason that birth control shouldn’t be accessible to all. Kind of like, y’know, all healthcare.

This made me choke on my tea.

Today’s friendly reminder that all pipelines leak.

I grew up in a city with a ton of shopping malls, most of which are still thriving, so I find this sort of thing fascinating.

I had no idea about the crisis going on in Big Sur until I read this. A friend of mine is camping in the area now, so hopefully things are improving.

I think this story about conservative Texans standing up for their trans kids made me cry a little bit. All it takes is getting to know a trans person to start changing hearts and minds.

So long, EPA. Guess totally removing the agency’s page a few months ago wasn’t a joke. Basically, we’re all doomed.

The lessons we can learn from Berlusconi and how we can apply them to Trump.

Taking things down a lot, I really enjoyed this piece on Rachael Ray, 30-Minute Meals, and learning to cook. I’m sure that the impact Rachael Ray had on families goes beyond this one author’s experience.

Speaking of cooking, now I’m hungry.

A conversation on disability rights and education.

This essay on Mallory’s famous “because it’s there” quote (in relation to Mt. Everest) really explains why I enjoy getting outside.


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