Brewsday Tuesday – Weldwerks S’mores Achromatic

Brewsday Tuesday is a feature where I talk about a craft beer I’ve had lately. This week’s featured beer is S’mores Achromatic by Weldwerks.


Last week was Weldwerks‘ 2nd anniversary, so we drove down to Greeley to take part in the fun. Out of all the breweries I’ve been to, Weldwerks is the place that has given me the most “Austin” vibe. Large porch, amazing food truck onsite, and actually stayed open past 6 pm. I’m looking at you, Fort Collins. Weldwerks is largely known for their New England-style IPAs, and especially Juicy Bits. While I can’t deny that those beers are good (and I certainly enjoyed Juicy Bits), that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. We’re talking about S’mores Achromatic.


Yes, that is an all-IPA flight on the left. Juicy, cloudy IPA fans rejoice.

This beer is an entry in Weldwerks’ Achromatic series. These beers are imperial stouts brewed with a ton of chocolate malts – we’re talking over 100 pounds here – and they are absolutely amazing. While at the taproom, we got to try S’mores, Nutella, and Mocha, and all of them were delicious. However, S’mores was an absolute showstopper, and we ended up taking a crowler of it home with us for future enjoyment. Also a crowler of Juicy Bits, because I’m not a monster.


Proof. Can’t wait to crack into this one.

Like an imperial stout should be, this beer is thick and dark. The nose is sweet and rich, but it isn’t until you taste it that the s’mores flavor really comes out. The vanilla and marshmallow notes are amazing alongside the roasted malt, and the s’mores flavor is really driven home without ever being too sweet. S’mores Achromatic is definitely a beer for sipping and savoring, since it’s essentially dessert, but it definitely does not taste like 10.5% ABV.


Small but mighty.

Since this beer is a big, boozy treat, I wouldn’t necessarily pair it with food, but I think it would be great alongside some pretzels for a palate cleanser if the flavor gets to be too much. The classic salty-sweet combo if you will. I also think this would be a really difficult beer to pair with cheese. A fromage blanc would have the ideal flavor compliment, but would be too rich. A nutty hard cheese would have the wrong texture, and a blue would not compliment the sweetness at all. The only possible suggestion I can come up with is one of my favorite cheeses, Cremont. This double cream cheese from Vermont has a mildly sweet flavor and is basically a puddle at room temperature.

I absolutely cannot wait to get back to Weldwerks. If you happen to be in the Front Range, it is absolutely worth the detour to Greeley to check out. Happy Brewsday Tuesday, and cheers!


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