Friday Things

Happy Friday Things, Saturday Edition. Best laid plans and all that.

I had the privilege of meeting Representative Farrar while I was in law school. She’s smart, tough, and savvy, and when I saw that she was the Texas lawmaker who introduced this bill that would penalize men for masturbating, I was not surprised. She’s a real advocate for reproductive justice and getting more women in government.

I’m really excited to watch The Handmaid’s Tale once it premiers. This made me even more excited, and also made me feel like I should read the book.

I still don’t like Kellyane Conway, but this piece was a good reminder of how important it is to frame critiques while keeping feminist principles in mind.

Gorgeous nature photos! That yawning owl is my new desktop background.

This piece about the differences between The North Face and Patagonia was interesting to me. I’d never really thought of them as competitors before reading this. Foolish, I know.

Because everyone needs a laugh: fart facts.

Preventing use of performance-enhancing drugs needs to start early. This made some good points I hadn’t considered before.

RIP Ed Whitlock.


I know that protest fatigue can really wear us down, but our public lands are still very much in danger.

The cost of summer and the struggles of low-income families. I was that weird kid who hated summer vacation. Really puts things in perspective.

I have conflicted feelings about this piece on food accessibility. It’s really difficult to balance reduced waste while ensuring that people with disabilities, especially those who have impaired mobility or hypersensitivity, have access to fresh food. At least most of the packaging implicated is recyclable.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend!


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