Brewsday Tuesday – Bomber Mountain

Brewsday Tuesday is a feature where I talk about a craft beer I’ve had lately. This week’s featured beer is Bomber Mountain from Black Tooth Brewing Company.

This isn’t so much a beer I’ve had lately as a beer I was reminded of this evening. In addition to being Brewsday, Tuesday is also trivia night. I was drinking Black Tooth’s Sheridan Pilsner, a delicious beer in its own right, and realized I’d yet to pay homage to what may be the best amber ale I’ve ever had.


Black Tooth Brewing Company is based out of Sheridan, Wyoming, which is in the northeastern part of the state. They make four year-round beers (recently released in the first ever Wyoming craft 12-pack): an IPA, a wheat, a brown ale, and Bomber Mountain, a red ale. The other beers are good, but Bomber Mountain blows them all away. I don’t think making a good amber is difficult, but making a great amber is hard to do, and Black Tooth absolutely nails it. This was the first Wyoming beer I bought after moving here, and I reach for it time and time again.


Bomber Mountain pours a beautiful amber color (as you would expect) with minimal head. It’s malty and biscuity and leaves a nice caramel aftertaste. It does this without being too rich or overwhelming – it’s fairly dry, but not too dry. A really fantastic example of a basic style. Plus, at 4.6%, you can drink this beer all day. I particularly recommend doing so on a crisp fall afternoon as it turns to evening.


Straight outta’ my fridge. Missing a pour picture this week, so this’ll have to do.

Because this amber is so well-done, it pairs well with most foods. Ideally, I’d love it with a grilled cheese, but I could also see having it alongside a hearty salad, grilled vegetables, or even a bowl of potato chips. The maltiness of this beer makes it perfect for salty foods – get that salty-sweet thing going on. A mixed berry crisp would pair nicely against the caramel notes if you’re looking for something sweet. Cheese-wise, again, this is a versatile beer for pairings. I probably wouldn’t go for a rich, soft cheese here, but otherwise the sky’s the limit. Either a sharp or mild cheddar would be a good pick, so long as the cheddar isn’t too mild. I particularly like the idea of having it alongside a nutty, aged hard cheese like Comté.

That’s all for this week’s Brewsday Tuesday. Enjoy responsibly, and drink local. Cheers!


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