Friday Things

It’s March! We made it!! For me, this means that the busiest time of the year is over. There are grumbles of some more business in my specific area of the field, but I’m going to ignore those for now until they become a reality. Let’s get to the links.

Even though things are getting warmer, it’s still the snowy time of year in the Mountain West. This overview of freezing to death is a good cautionary tale. Always check the weather before you go and take the conditions seriously.

March means spring, which means asparagus and radish season! I’m really looking forward to trying these radish and goat cheese muffins sometime soon.

Environmental justice is a HUGE part of environmental activism that doesn’t get talked about enough. I worked in an environmental justice clinic for almost a year and the impact of pollution related to energy production on minority and impoverished communities is catastrophic. Flint, Michigan is the most famous example, but it’s far from the only place in the country where things like this happen. Better late than never to have the conversation, though based on what I’ve seen, it’s too little too late for some places.

Yeah, because this country definitely needs more coal production, and especially in Alaska. Coal is not coming back, both from an economic and environmental perspective.

Speaking of coal not coming back: this piece by a rancher in Gillette, Wyoming explains firsthand the impact coal can have on farming communities. In case you’ve forgotten, by the way, Wyoming is a coal state. It also highlights how much Trump is not for the working class despite his campaign promises, though I feel like that should be evident by now.

This is just depressing.

This article on the correlation between health and weight speaks the truth. BMI does a really poor job telling the whole story. Example: the BMI charts for men and women are the exact same, despite the number of physical differences between men and women’s bodies.

A cool little piece on Oregon Trail to close out. I’d also love to see this. Also, if you don’t own the Oregon Trail card game, you’re missing out.

That’s it for this Friday. Have a good weekend!


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