Brewsday Tuesday – Porter Culture

Brewsday Tuesday is a feature where I talk about a craft beer I’ve had lately. This week’s featured brew is Porter Culture from Hops and Grain.


Porter Culture is not Hops and Grain’s most famous or most well-loved beer, but it holds a special place in my heart. On these cold Wyoming nights, I drink Porter Culture and am immediately transported back home. Not to Austin, but to Hops and Grain. This amazing brewery is the reason I lived through my first year of law school, and that’s no joke. The faces have changed and the taproom has changed even more, but Hops and Grain has always put out the same warm and welcoming vibe. We discovered Hops and Grain when we were poor as dirt, and while we came for the prices, we stayed for the people. My husband and I volunteered at their events and invited some of their folks to our wedding, which is coincidentally the source of our Porter Culture. It’s nice to have a seasonally-appropriate taste of home. If you ever make it to Austin and can only go to one brewery, make it Hops and Grain. You won’t regret it.


Anyway, enough waxing nostalgic. Porter Culture is a Baltic porter, a style that departs from Hops and Grain’s usual fresh hop flavor. Upon pouring it, you instantly get punches of both chocolate and coffee in the nose. The taste is robust, bringing more chocolate and dark roasted malt flavors to the table. However, it’s not overwhelming – while not quite dry, it isn’t too thick either. Definitely a great beer to drink on a cold, snowy night.


Also delicious when infused with a candy cane.

This is the sort of beer that pairs really well with smoked meats. Have it with a rack of ribs, or a burger. For you vegetarians out there, I also happen to know that it goes pretty well with fries. As far as pairing with cheese goes, I’m going to make a specific recommendation this time: Beehive Cheese’s Barely Buzzed. I had this combo at a beer and cheese pairing hosted at Hops and Grain, and it was out of this world. The smooth, white, coffee-rubbed cheese combined with the chocolate and coffee flavors in Porter Culture produced a truly remarkable combo. Any similar soft white cheese (soft, but not creamy or spreadable) would go well if you can’t find Barely Buzzed.

That’s it for Brewsday Tuesday! Enjoy responsibly, and cheers!


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