Brewsday Tuesday – Melvin 2×4

Brewsday Tuesday is a weekly feature where I talk about a craft beer I’ve had lately. In honor of National 2×4 Day (2/4/17) this past weekend, this week’s featured beer is 2×4 from Melvin Brewing. 

Now, I’m weird about IPAs. I’m fairly picky about which ones I will and won’t drink. Anything that’s too bitter or has too much grapefruit pith flavor is straight out. I’m not a huge fan of those featuring “cat pee” flavor (more Yellow Rose for everyone else) and I think anything with Sorachi Ace tastes like drinking Pine Sol. But anything juicy, dank, or tropical? Hell yes. Give me your Mosaic and Meridian hops all day. This means that I tend to enjoy double and triple IPAs far more than your basic IPA (for simplicity’s sake, let’s not get into the dozens of style variations).

Basically, that was a long-winded way of saying I love 2×4. Melvin Brewing is based out of Alpine, WY and absolutely blowing up right now. It’s easy to see why – not only did they win two medals at the World Beer Cup recently, they also make fantastic beer. I love seeing local (okay, local-ish, I live about five hours from Alpine, but it’s still a Wyo brewery) spots do well. The next location for craft beer to blow up? Wyoming. I’m serious, if you want to open a brewery, come here. Our young population is booming, real estate is cheap as dirt, and there are some laws going though that should make it way easier to get a microbrewery license. 

Ahem, anyway, 2×4. This is an amazing, clean, citrusy and juicy double IPA. It pours a beautiful deep orange and drinks super easy. You would never be able to tell that it’s almost 10% ABV, it’s that smooth. Obviously, this means it’s a rather dangerous beer, probably best for consuming at home. 

Not my best phot, but you get the idea. 

This would be absolutely killer with sweet and sour food. Think orange chicken or pad Thai, something along those lines. As far as cheese goes, I think this would do well with a creamy, soft cheese that’s not too salty or too unctuous. 

If you didn’t celebrate 2×4 day this past weekend, pick up a 4-pack and celebrated on your own. Cheers!


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