Brewsday Tuesday – Red Ryeot

Well, this almost didn’t happen, but I rallied! Brewsday Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a craft beer I’ve had lately. This week’s beer is Red Ryeot by La Cumbre Brewing Company.


I guess I just can’t stop missing New Mexico, because I cracked this one open in honor of National Beer Can Appreciation Day (you know, one of those made up social media holidays, but you have to admit that this is a sweet can). It pours a beautiful deep red-amber, with a nice head and a solid spicy aroma right off the bat.

La Cumbre describes this as “a ‘Burqueño red ale” and I think that’s pretty apt. This is a red ale, but they aren’t kidding about the “ryeot” part. You get just a hint of caramel in your first sip before that rye spiciness takes you over. That being said, this isn’t a bad thing – it’s just strong. The rye flavor and the hop flavors (they use six different hops in this, but I get Chinook the most) meld together for a delicious and intense experience. You might want to avoid this one if you’re not a fan of really bold flavors.

This is a tough one to pair with food because of its intense flavor. I really think you’re best having a cold glass of this one on your own, but if you really want something alongside it, I think it would go well with buttered, thick whole-grain toast. Y’know, solid bread with your liquid bread. Cheese-wise, I think a nutty gruyère would pair nicely – the mild, nutty elements would balance out the intense rye flavors.

Actually, melt that gruyère on that thick whole-grain toast. There’s your pairing right there. Happy Tuesday everyone, and cheers!


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