Brewsday Tuesday – Tartastic

Brewsday Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a craft beer I’ve had lately. This week’s featured brew is New Belgium’s Tartastic.


Tartastic is soured with lactobacillus. It pours the color of lemon juice, complete with haze, and has very little head. Described by New Belgium as a lemon ginger sour, you’d expect it to super pucker-inducing and sharp-tasting. However, that’s not the case at all. This beer is very light and not at all aggressive. The lemon flavor definitely comes through, but I don’t get very much ginger – it’s more like drinking a slice of lemon meringue pie, but not as sugary. It’s definitely a sessionable beer, and it’s my go-to at trivia due to its low ABV and drinkability.


(shoutout to Accomplice Beer Company, by the way)

This is a fantastic beer for introducing your sour-reluctant friends to just how good sours can be. It’s not terribly tart or aggressive and has a lovely, mellow flavor. This would be delicious with soft pretzels (Accomplice has great ones!) or buttery crackers, or even a flaky croissant if you feel like having a breakfast beer. Or, you know, an anytime beer, since croissants are good whenever. Cheese-wise, the delicate flavors of this beer would go super-well with mascarpone, either by itself or on a slice of baguette.

Happy Brewsday Tuesday, friends! Cheers!


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