Friday Things

Hey there friends, hope you’re surviving your Friday. I was hoping to have some fun links to share, but this day and week have just taken it out of me. On the plus side, I managed to get out to the trails last night since it’s been in the low 50s this week. The trails may have looked like this:


But it was totally worth it. Just me, the cold, and the absolutely killer views of the night sky. Never mind definitely thinking I was going to slip on the ice, fall in the creek, and die of hypothermia at some point.

Anyway, have some links:

Ahaha we’re all doomed. Especially considering that the earth tends to continue to set high record temperatures.

While I can’t exactly get behind of any of the new administrative heads, this profile on Ryan Zinke, the new Secretary of the Interior, at least didn’t horrify me. Unlike Besty DeVos, who is actually Dolores Umbridge.

Okay, okay, getting away from the political. One of our dinners this past week that we loved was this winter couscous and veggie bowl from Well and Full. The tahini sauce was really the star of the show. The recipe made more than we needed for the bowl, so we ended up eating it on some other meals and it was badass.

Trail Running Blog of the Week: I somehow only discovered Fast Cory this week and I don’t know how I’m so behind the curve. This guy’s enthusiasm and self-awareness is infectious. Plus, he makes me feel like I could go out and run 100 miles tomorrow if I just had enough determination and a positive attitude.

I’ll leave you all with my anthem for this week. Stay safe this weekend.


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